Why You Should Be Wary of High Pressure Sales Tactics

4 May 2016

Dear Ag Energy Co-operative Ltd. Members and Ontario Business Owners;

In the past month or so, we have become aware that Ontario energy consumers are receiving a lot of misinformation, specifically relating to natural gas and electricity.

We are seeing new entrants into the Ontario energy market as well as many pre-existing competitors aggressively trying to grow their business. While business growth is nothing to be ashamed of, growth should not come from unclear contracts, misinformation, lack of communication, complicated terms and conditions or sales pressure tactics.

Recently, a Member was being courted by a competitor who claimed that planned maintenance of nuclear facilities was going to cause electricity rates to skyrocket. Despite publicly available information indicating that these fears are largely exaggerated, this sales representative urged our Member to take the offer to “protect” himself from soaring prices. After speaking to the Ag Energy team, our Member learned that this new program would cost him an ADDED $10 000 annually. So please, call us before you sign.

Your Board of Directors, Ag Energy’s staff and I are focused on delivering solutions based on your specific needs without added penalties or hidden fees. As a co-operative, our primary responsibility is to our Members, who own Ag Energy. Over 80% of our Board of Directors are Members and all Directors are elected by the Membership. This type of governance structure prioritizes the well-being of our consumers. The staff and I care about delivering results while using reputable business practices.

Call your Ag Energy team before signing any legal documents or offering private information. We will review the offer for you, discuss market conditions (current and forecasted), discuss the contract details and provide you with a financial overview of the impact on your business. This should give you all you need to make an informed decision, even if it means you go elsewhere. We always want to enable your success.

Ag Energy’s values include contribution, caring and collaboration. With this notice we hope to contribute to your understanding of the current energy market, and potentially work with you to confirm you are making strategic energy choices.

Thank you for your support of the co-operative. I appreciate your dedication and welcome the opportunity to serve your energy needs.

Most sincerely,
Rose Marie Gage
Chief Executive Officer,
Ag Energy Co-operative Ltd.

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