Electricity Programs:

We cater our services to your business needs. We will thoroughly evaluate your opportunities to ensure your energy strategy is effective. In addition to our personalized account management style, we also act as a resource. We use our expertise to not only help you make strategic energy choices but to also help you understand why those choices were made.

Fixed Rate Program

For many, views on electricity programs are similar to those on mortgages; when rates are low, most prefer to have a variable rate, but when rates start to climb, most prefer to lock into a fixed lower rate. We can lock you into a fixed rate to protect you from volatile electricity prices. Under this program you can keep your energy costs consistent and predictable.

Under Our Fixed Rate Program:
Consistent and predictable energy prices
Protected from market volatility
Guarantees a specific price for the duration of your contract

Market Rate

Our Market Rate program tends to offer a financial advantage when compared to the Regulated Price Plan (RPP) offered by your local distribution company (LDC).  If you are using Ag Energy’s market rate program you can avoid time-of-use pricing often found in RPPs.

Under Our Market Rate Program:
Your electricity price will be based on the true market cost for the month
You continue to receive your bill from your LDC with Ag Energy’s name listed as your supplier
While this is a 5 year contract, we allow you to exit penalty-free at any time

Custom Programs

A custom rate might be the right choice for your business. Our load profiling program can show your business how much electricity was used at different time intervals and help you avoid on-peak consumption. With this information, you can better understand the financial implications of various purchasing strategies and improve your decision making. After assessing your needs we can build a custom program that will work for you.

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