From our signature Market Rate electricity program to the simplicity of our fixed price plans and everything in between, we have the program available to build your personalized energy strategy. AEC is a licensed electricity retailer with over 30 years of experience in the energy sector, so you can rely on us to offer solutions that work for your business.

Fixed Price

Pay one consistent fixed price.


  • Consistent pay rate
  • Able to budget long-term

Market Rate

Pay the variable market rate.


  • Lower rates when market prices are down
  • Can lock in your rates anytime

Custom Hedging

Fix a portion of your energy spend for a hybrid of fixed and market rate.


  • Opportunity for lower rates when the market is down
  • Reduces exposure to volatility
Bill Verification

Bill Verification Services

Think you’ve been overcharged? We can help with that. Talk to an account representative about our bill verification service to learn more.

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