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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of energy do you sell?2022-04-22T14:16:59-04:00

We offer extensive natural gas and electricity programs with strategic purchasing across multiple sites, utilities, and contract typesWe also offer energy consulting and management services which include but are not limited to: Bill VerificationGreenhouse Gas ReportingIndustrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) Management, and Regulatory Monitoring. 

Where do you offer your services?2022-04-22T14:19:09-04:00

Our operation covers all of Ontario, Canada. We offer energy management programs to a diverse set of businesses across Ontario including municipalities, large manufacturing facilities, ethanol plants, schools, and agricultural operations.  

Why should my business use your services?2022-04-22T14:08:36-04:00

AEC is a licensed marketer of both natural gas and electricity, with experience working with a wide spectrum of clientele. Founded by greenhouse growers, we are a buyers group that works with your business to de-risk your energy spending. Today, serving AEC customers continues to be at the center of everything we do. AEC was the first enterprise to offer market-rate electricity pricing to our customers, a budget-friendly program that put our consumers first. We are also the first organization to offer natural gas term limits longer than 5 years, with current long-term deals available for up to 10 years.  

Why would I benefit from working with an Independent Marketer?2022-04-22T14:05:10-04:00

As an Independent Marketer we are not locked into any exclusivity deals with suppliers and are free to look around for the best prices. Being independent ensures we can get the best possible deals for our clients.

Why do you need to discuss our business goals before making a recommendation?2022-04-22T13:59:56-04:00

Every business is unique and has different needs. Some businesses may operate 24/7 and want to avoid  TimeofUse electricity costs, while other businesses may operate seasonally and only need gas supplied to them for part of the year. Businesses with limited cashflow can benefit from a fixed pay rate by avoiding volatile prices. While other operations consistently use the same energy volumes for certain time blocks but have veritable usage outside their normal operating hours. We can and have found solutions for all of these business types and more. Speaking to you lets us determine which options would work best for your business. 

Why would I benefit from working with a co-operative?2022-04-22T13:52:46-04:00

Co-operatives can offer more stability than some traditional business structures (like sole proprietorship) which are more likely to sell their business or fail. AEC has been around since 1988, much longer than most energy companies in Ontario. As a part of our bylaws, we regularly conduct external finance and risk audits that go above and beyond industry expectations for a company of our size. 

What is a co-operative?2022-04-22T13:48:31-04:00

Under the co-operative business model, members own the organization and vote on how services will be offered. Securing the services of a co-operative does not give you any liability. We are a normal business entity held responsible to the Co-op Act, standard business practices, and FISRA scrutiny. Ag Energy Co-operative Ltd. (AEC) is a member-owned for-profit co-operative.  

When the 2010 Energy Consumer Protection Act (ECPA) legislation increased the administrative burden around servicing small-volume consumers, AEC petitioned the provincial government for an exemption for all energy co-operatives. The provincial government carefully examined Ag Energy and decided the co-operative business model had significant built-in consumer protections. An exemption was granted specifically for our members, demonstrating significant trust in our ability to protect customer welfare. 

AEC prices are transparent/inclusive, what does that mean?2022-04-22T09:18:43-04:00

For natural gas, our prices include both the commodity price and the transportation cost. Many retailers show only commodity price, which is the cost to buy it at its current location (usually Alberta). Their prices often don’t include the transportation cost to bring that gas to your local utility in Ontario.  At AEC we don’t believe in surprising our customers with hidden fees, which is why we are transparent in our pricing. We ensure our customers understand all that is included in their agreements before they sign with us.

Where can I find AEC pricing listed?2022-04-22T09:23:02-04:00

AEC does not list our prices on our website. Pricing on the commodity market fluctuates a lot. The market frequently moves very quickly, and we don’t want to show you a price on a Monday that can’t be offered to you when you call on a Wednesday. Additionally, the market can be complicated, and we want to make sure you understand what you are agreeing to first. For pricing, please contact an account executive via email or telephone.