How Changes to the Industrial Conservation Initiative Could Affect You

10 May 2017

Global Adjustment Rate Changes

Industrial Conservation Initiative participants pay the Class A global adjustment rate. Class A consumers can reduce their global adjustment cost based on their ability to anticipate the top five peak hours for the current base period and reduce their consumption during those times. If Class A customers can avoid drawing power from the grid during peak hours, they can significantly reduce their global adjustment costs.

Increased Eligibility

As a part of the “Fair Hydro Plan” released by the Government of Ontario, the eligibility threshold for the Industrial Conservation Initiative has been expanded to include more businesses. The minimum peak load requirement has been reduced from 1 MW to 500 kW for qualifying industries. Businesses with NAICS codes starting with “31”, “32”, “33” or “1114”, including greenhouses, will be eligible to opt-in.

How to Participate

Eligible facilities with an interval meter should receive a Peak Demand Factor (PDF) report from their LDC no later than May 31. The PDF is the share of total global adjustment costs a site would pay as a Class A consumer. Your business must make a decision by June 15. If you would like to learn more about the Industrial Conservation Initiative visit:

Please do not hesitate to contact Greg at if you have any questions or would like to discuss whether becoming a Class A consumer is the right choice for you.

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