Cap and Trade Post-Election Update

13 July 2018

Above is part of a recent news broatcast from CBC News.

The Provincial Government recently released a press release outlining their current position on Cap and Trade. As of July 10th, the Minister of Government and Consumer Services and Government House Leader, Todd Smith, announced that the people of Ontario can expect urgent action towards repealing the Ontario Cap and Trade carbon tax law from the books.


This priority was one of three outlined by the Ford Administration, other priorities included ending the York University strike, and cancelling the White Pines Wind Project. Ontario’s Cap and Trade carbon tax law is to be stricken from the books to prevent a future government from imposing another Cap and Trade carbon tax. “These three priorities send a clear and serious message about what you can expect from our government,” said Smith. “We are prepared to act. And we will always put the best interests of the people first.”

What does this mean to an Ag Energy Member?

The current urgency towards ending the Cap and Trade program, by the Ford Administration, means that Ag Energy should soon have answers regarding Cap and Trade related charges and the subsequent discontinuance of these costs. The provincial government deems the discontinuance of the Cap and Trade program to be a top priority. The Government of Ontario is “committed to an orderly wind down of the program, [and] will share more details of how [they] will do this in the coming weeks” (Government of Ontario, 2018). Ag Energy is committed to keeping our members informed and will be reporting the legislative progress as it develops.

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