Ag Energy Receives ECPA Exemption: Ag Energy now able to serve members of all sizes!

13 January 2017

Effective Immediately

Ag Energy Co-operative Ltd. is pleased to announce their ability to serve existing and new members of all consumption levels of natural gas and electricity!

As Ag Energy is a member-based organization focused on providing value to its ownership, the co-operative was granted an exemption from the Ontario Energy Consumer Protection Act of 2010, effective January 1st, 2017.

The provincial government has carefully examined Ag Energy and decided the co-operative business model has significant built-in consumer protections. As a co-operative, our primary responsibility is to our members, who own Ag Energy. Our ownership and governance is run by those with the greatest interest in its outcomes, its users. Members make up over 80% of our board of directors. All directors are elected by the membership; ensuring member needs are prominent in the delivery of our mission and vision.

Ag Energy looks forward to serving members of all sizes. Thank you to our members and community supporters for supporting the value of co-operatives in making Ontario’s economy stronger. Thank you also to the Ministry of Energy and the Ontario Energy Board for the careful consideration and recognition.

With great thanks!

Rose Marie Gage
Chief Executive Officer,
Ag Energy Co-operative Ltd.

For any inquiries to this press release, please contact Laura Toombs, Communications Specialist at or 519-780-3277.

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