The Value of AEC


We are relentless in our contribution to our Members’ and Customers’ bottom line. We help them compete.

We contribute to our members by providing competitive energy solutions, preservation of capital, and added co-op benefits

Members receive dividends and patronage distribution

Our community engagement works towards improving our collective future

Ag Energy contributes to the growth of businesses, employment of individuals and payment of taxes.


The member/customer comes first! Our Members are at the heart of what we do.

We improve our service based on their feedback. It is about providing a great experience.

We want our members and customers please with the co-op choice

Our focus is on what matters most to our members

For staff, we ensure our employees are valued and add value

Ag Energy provides a collective voice that translates into community care. We support Ontario through involvement and giving back.


Members choose to work together for meaningful energy solutions and services

80% of our board is member directors. We are governed by the people we serve

The co-op works with the utilities, the Ontario Energy Board and other stakeholders to deliver results. We co-operate to flow energy seamlessly.

We work with peer groups to enhance member benefits and grow the co-op movement.

Our Mission: We exist as a co-operative to meet the energy needs of our members recognizing that cost is of the utmost importance.
Our Vision: To be the first choice for agricultural producers/processors seeking energy strategies and solutions.

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