Natural Gas

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Natural Gas Programs:

Consumers can secure their natural gas commodity and transportation charges with us. Your level of consumption doesn’t affect the price that you receive; all members receive the same commodity pricing. We have several energy solutions for managing your natural gas costs.

Bundled Transportation Program

Bundled Transportation (BT) contracts give customers the ability to build a customized portfolio, taking advantage of fixed pricing, index pricing or a combination of both. BT customers are required to hold a Direct Purchase Agreement with their local distribution company which Ag Energy will administer.


For BT customers/members, credit policy and application are required. Credit is managed at Ag Energy Co-op in conjunction with a trade credit insurer. This offers you confidentiality and security insurance covering two months receivables. Mark to Market calls may apply.

Fixed Rate (ABC) Program

In our agent, billing and collection program, ABC customers have contracts with their local natural gas supplier but get their prices from Ag Energy Co-operative. ABC members and customers are offered fixed rate programs, where your price is locked in for 1 to 3 years.

Our ABC Prices Include:


Commodity Cost at AECO (the over-the-counter trading point in Alberta)


NOVA Pipeline Toll in Alberta


Compressor Fuel for TCPL


Administrative Costs

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