Our Services

Gas and Electricity Management Services


We provide personalized account management and thoroughly evaluate your opportunities so you can feel confident that you’ve chosen the best solution for your business.

Natural Gas

Consumers can secure their natural gas commodity and transportation charges with us. Our pricing is transparent with no hidden costs. We can help you find the natural gas solution that best fits your needs.

Energy Assessment

 We analyze your patterns of consumption to add clarity to your decision making. We assess your bills, examine your volumes, help optimize your energy usage and choose effective hedge strategies for both gas and electricity.

 Co-op Services


We believe that as a co-operative we serve our members and community best when we strengthen the co-operative movement. With almost 3 decades worth of experience, we are experts at successfully running a co-op. We support other co-operative ventures and are always willing to lend our expertise. We can help you with the creation of your own co-operative and offer advice on the organization of your co-op services.