“Energy is a complex sector where you need experts. That’s why Terra is with AEC. We’ve been cold called by other energy retailers and marketers. We don’t take those calls. That’s how impressed we’ve been by AEC’s service.”

Andy Broadbent, CFO – Terra Greenhouses

In today’s uncertain economic climate where each turn brings both challenges and decisions, it is crucial that you have expertise to be able to rely upon and to have a “go to” for advice and direction. Ag Energy provides, guides and points that allow us to better serve our member owners, our customers and ultimately our consumers.

Michael Barrett, President & CEO – Gay Lea Foods Co-operative Ltd.

“I would definitely recommend Ag Energy to anyone who is looking for an energy supplier. For the last 15 years they have had our back and they are the best thing for an entrepreneurial business.”

Denise Huck, Owner – Colour Paradise

AEC has been a reliable partner and has been a tremendous help in managing our energy costs in a volatile and unpredictable energy market

Norman Beal, President – Peninsula Ridge Estate Winery

I chose AEC because their prices were competitive, always within 5% of the nearest competitor, but never too good to be true. I felt I could trust them. Other energy commodity providers I was with, the providers kept being bought out. They were less stable, the ownership would change, and I felt like I was always being talked into things I didn’t agree to.

Jo Slegers, Owner – Sleger’s Greenhouses



Ag Energy Co-operative (AEC) is a licensed marketer of both natural gas and electricity, working with a wide spectrum of clientele. Based in Guelph, AEC was founded over 30 years ago by members of the agri-food community. Today, we offer energy management programs to a diverse set of businesses across Ontario including municipalities, large manufacturing facilities, schools, and agricultural operations.


Hiring an energy supplier or broker can be a profitable strategy that offers you more control over your energy spending. A good energy provider acts as an extension of your business handling all the complicated minutiae of energy management so you can focus on your core business priorities.

When choosing your retailer, it is vital you pick someone trustworthy. Before signing any agreement, be aware of these key items:

  •  Are they licensed? By law, retailers are required to share their license numbers when selling natural gas and electricity. You can check a company’s license on the OEB website: https://www.oeb.ca/consumer-protection/energy-contracts/licensed-energy-retailers 
  • Do you know how they make their money? Knowing how your supplier is earning their fee is important as you want to align your purchasing strategy accordingly.
  • How is their natural gas priced? Are transportation costs included?  Check where the commodity is priced; if it’s priced in Alberta you will have to pay additional fees to bring it to Ontario. If your natural gas is priced in the Ontario locations of Dawn or Parkway, then you are getting local pricing. If in doubt, ask.
  • Be wary of phrases like “discretion to charge.”  You are being asked to sign a legally binding agreement. Such vague language can lead to surprise costs over time.
  • Are their promises realistic? When you sign with a retailer, your gas bill will continue to be delivered from your current gas utility (ex. Enbridge). Electricity retailers cannot avoid the global adjustment charge or delivery charges on your monthly electrical bill. Be skeptical of anyone claiming they can.
  • Get informed! Find a supplier that will take the time to explain the difference between transportation and delivery costs, hedging strategies, Global Adjustment and HOEP pricing. Research what questions to ask and choose a retailer that will take the time to address your concerns.
Remember to be careful about sharing your account numbers. That information is private and should only be given to people you are prepared to buy energy from.

If you need a second opinion you can always send AEC a copy of a potential contract for a free review. We will look it over for you and also offer a competitive price for your consideration.